We at GLOBAL AGRO SOLUTION LTD, BULGARIA, are fully focused on creating and implementing real solutions in agriculture, proving it for several years on more than 50,000 hectares of trials in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

We are making a breakthrough in agriculture by showing that we can be a complete alternative to conventional and familiar organic farming, overlapping everything known so far on a global scale. We have solutions for many intractable problems in agriculture, such as solutions for: viral, bacterial and fungal diseases; a wide range of insect pests: wireworms, tuta absoluta, whiteflies and many others; soil pests, nematodes, snails, etc. And completely harmless, without quarantine!

  • All in one solution
  • 100% Certified
  • Global Scope


We at "GLOBAL AGRO SOLUTION" Ltd. have signed contracts with several leading universities in the field of agriculture and food in Bulgaria and signed a memorandum with the "Agricultural Academy", in whose structure there are 25 scientific research institutes focused on all agricultural crops.

All our products are registered and have certificates complying with European and national legislation. We won medals and awards for innovation for the second year in a row. All our products are produced solely by us, we also produce the raw materials for their production and are independent of external suppliers. We use proprietary microorganisms in many of our products. We have a collection of more than 64 species of microorganisms that we maintain in baselines and then propagate them in bioreactors in liquid media. This gives us the opportunity to have full control over their breeding and reproduction


Environmental Responsibility

We reduce pesticide levels, promote soil health, and conserve water, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


Our products offer exceptional value, with prices significantly lower than partial alternatives and additional products required to achieve similar results.


We are pioneers in agricultural breakthroughs, offering unmatched benefits in crop protection, yield improvement, and soil health.


To date, no complete alternative to our products is known. There are products on the market that are a partial alternative and are far from what we offer.

Compared to only products that give a partial alternative to ours, we can claim that the price of our products is 4-6 times lower, and compared to additional products that come close to the effect of our products, it is more than 10 times lower price in our favor.


  • Complete replacement of all known products
  • Dramatically lower usage costs
  • Completely safe for people, animals and nature
  • No quarantine
  • Preservation of moisture in plants and extension of vegetation up to 30 days
  • Structuring the soil, making it fertile and resistant to percolation
  • Application in all cultures and anywhere in the world
  • Addressing issues that cannot be resolved with known products
  • Implementation of sustainable solutions
  • Low doses of application;
  • No water pollution.
  • It reduces harmful emissions and greenhouse gases


Ivan Bangeev

Master in Plant Protection and Biotechnology
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Emil Balashkov

Doctor Phytopathologist and Biotechnology
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